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An Insight on the Celebrities Treated by Our Dentists in Upland, California

Gaining access to high quality treatment from qualified professionals can help to keep your teeth in the optimal condition. It’s the reason that so many of the top celebrities take great care to ensure their teeth are treated by true experts in the profession. Our team of dentists at California Dental Care & Orthodontics in Upland, California has worked with patients from across the celebrity world in recent years, and in this post, we highlight our work with celebrity patients.

Jessica Alba

Known for her television work and for her work in some of the most renowned movies, Jessica Alba has been a constant presence in the media in recent years. And so, her smile is of the utmost importance to her overall image. The Teen Choice Awards winner is one of the regular patients here at California Dental Care & Orthodontics. She has worked with our team for many years and underwent orthodontic treatment under Dr. Patel.

Jessica Alba said: “Dr. Patel, the dorkiest, but best ortho in the world.”

Kevin Costner

There are few more well-known and prominent actors across America than Kevin Costner. The Academy Award winning actor is known for his work in The Untouchables, Dances with Wolves, and the Bodyguard, among other films. And throughout his years in the film industry, he has worked with Dr. Patel and our team of team of dentists California Dental Care & Orthodontics in Upland, California in order to maintain his image and ensure his appearance is at its peak best for all his acting roles.

Kevin Costner said: “You did a great job. Thanks a lot!”

Alexandra Fagins

Known for her work in Disney Productions and in recent times for her role in many movies, the child star Alexandra Fagins has undergone treatment directly with the team of Dentists in our Upland, California offices. Our work with Alexandra will help to propel her forward in her acting career and showcases our commitment to offer high caliber dentals services for children.

Alexandra Fagins said “Dr. Patel, thank you for my smile!”

By booking treatment alongside the experienced team here at California Dental Care & Orthodontics, you can ensure your peak aesthetics while keeping your teeth in optimal condition. To learn more on our work and our full range of services, call us today to book a consultation!

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