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Understanding the Benefits of Rancho Cucamonga Orthodontics

If you or someone in your family is in need of Rancho Cucamonga orthodontics, you really shouldn’t delay.  At California Dental Care & Orthodontics we know orthodontic work isn’t fun, but this is truly a situation where it only gets worse the longer you wait.  Teeth don’t fix themselves, and -in particular- uncorrected teeth can actually cause a lot of new problems as time passes.

When it comes to orthodontic work, it really is best to get it done as early as possible, so you can reap the most benefits from it over the years.

The Top Four Biggest Benefits from Rancho Cucamonga Orthodontics

1 – A great smile

Of course, this is the most common reason people want orthodontic work – it gives people a great smile that they aren’t afraid to show off to the world.  Having well-aligned teeth helps people’s self-confidence, and also helps them get ahead in business and society.

2 – Proper speech

The more mis-aligned a person’s teeth are, the harder it can become for them to talk properly.  Many speech impediments, particularly where sounds like T and S are involved, are ultimately due to poorly aligned teeth interfering with speech.

When a child is involved, this can lead to life-long difficulty speaking.  The sooner their teeth are corrected, the better.

3 – Keeping other teeth in position

When one or two teeth are misaligned, it’s not a problem that’s exclusive to those teeth.  Over time, they’ll push many more teeth out of alignment as well.  The problem can be compounded by other factors too, such as wisdom teeth growing in.

A mouth full of crowded teeth is extremely painful, difficult to talk with, and will be very expensive to fix.  It’s much better to get work done when it’s only a couple teeth that are out of alignment.

4 – Preventing infection

The more mis-aligned teeth are, the greater the chances they’ll start going to places they aren’t supposed to be.  This could lead them to begin cutting into the gums or interior of the cheeks, or even erupting from the wrong places.  This becomes a massive infection risk!  Any oral cuts are an invitation for mouth bacteria to get into the rest of the body, creating serious diseases.

Get Affordable Rancho Cucamonga Orthodontics

We are Island Valley’s orthodontic specialists, with a wide range of treatments for all types of people.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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