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Do You Need Orthodontics in Rancho Cucamonga? Watch Out for These Warning Signs!

No one likes the idea of having to get major orthodontic work, but sometimes it truly is necessary.  Some minor discomfort from the orthodontics could potentially prevent a lifetime of much more serious dental issues!  We offer a wide variety of orthodontic options in Rancho Cucamonga, and some of them are barely even noticeable.

So, if you see any of the following signs, don’t try to ignore them.  Contact our Rancho Cucamonga orthodontics team and find out more about your situation!

Four Signs You Need Orthodontic Work

1 – Your teeth don’t fit together properly when you close your mouth.

There will always be a little variation, but when you close your mouth, your top and bottom rows of teeth should basically line up – especially in the front.  If your top teeth noticeably protrude over the lower teeth (overbite) or your lower teeth stick out (underbite) you should have that taken care of.

Left uncorrected, overbites and underbites can make biting and chewing progressively more difficult as you age.

2 – Inability to fully close your mouth.

Sometimes when the back teeth (molars) are misaligned, or too large, they can make it difficult or impossible to bring your front teeth together.  This is a serious issue!  An open bite can cause numerous issues, and it won’t improve over time.

3 – Protruding teeth.

This is one of the most obvious and common signs a patient needs dental correction – one or more teeth are not properly pointed downward, and flare outwards instead.  Depending on the severity, this might only be a minor cosmetic issue, or it could lead to extremely painful and unhygienic problems like those teeth cutting into your gums, lips, or cheek.

4 – Crowded teeth.

If the teeth don’t have enough room to grow in properly, it causes a lot of issues.  They’ll grow in unevenly, giving you a very jagged bite.  They may also cause pain on a day-to-day basis.  Even if the teeth grow in evenly at first, poorly-aligned wisdom teeth can cause crowding later in life.

Crowding will only get worse over time.  It must be corrected to prevent lifelong issues.

California Dental Care & Orthodontics Has Twenty Years’ Experience

We’re a family-friendly clinic with a long history of providing great results to our patients!  Young or old, we can help anyone gain a better smile.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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